Tuesday, January 08, 2008

3.5 mile route (5.6km)

I've found a small route to train on now and measured it to be just over 3 miles which will be no more than a 30 minute round trip each time.

I found this to be nice and easy without being too demanding, especially if it's just going to be a late evening or morning run. Even though I improved on a few of the issues I had with the weekend run, I must add that tonight's run was not without it's own little hassles.

At around th 1.5mile mark I enjoyed the company of a little cramp in my right side which felt horrible and all I could think about was stopping and how I could get home on the shortest possible route. This was probably due to me pushing a little too hard on the first mile as I checked my watch and noticed I did it in a little over 7 minutes. I kept on running while deciding whether I should take the short-cut home or continue on. I decided to push on...

No sooner had I made that decision when something amazing happened. At around the 2mile marker the cramp dissapeared and I suddenly got this new-found urge to continue running. Not only did I want to do the normal route I'd taken before, but actually wanted to increase the distance and try something new.

The rest of the distance went on without a hitch and I had a smile on my face for the last mile and finished just under 30 minutes. It was an amazing feeling when I got home and cannot wait for the next session out.

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