Friday, January 18, 2008

My first 45min run - 8.5km

What a run last night!

I decided that I wanted to run a little longer than my normal training tonight and tried a new route I had created online a while back already.

Not really remembering exactly how long this new route was, and let's face it the route online always looks far easier than when you're actually running it,I began to worry that I'd taken on a little more than I could handle...

About 3miles into it I seriously began to think about when I should start turning back and finding a route home, but then reminded myself that I was under no obligation to run all the way and I had the option of stopping anytime I wanted to.

Well, that seemed to be all the motivation I needed. Whenever I started to worry about turning back or feeling "obliged" to run all the way, I just told myself "Feel free to walk anytime you want. There's no need to run all the way."

I never did walk and with each new turn down one of the roads I felt a new surge of energy and ready to go the distance!

With longer distance running (more than 5km) I felt that it was easier to break the run down into sections and then focus purely on completing that section well before arriving at the next section and focusing purely on that new one. This seemed to help keep my mind off thinking about the journey as a whole and how much further I still had to run.

(These sections could be a single stretch of road or if you know the route then these could be mile/km markers you have mentally marked out along the way.)

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TraceurZeno said...

Breaking your run in to mental managable sections seem like great idea.

I hope all goes well for the big day, until then good luck beating your personal best DC.