Thursday, February 14, 2008

Down with a cold, but feeling great!

This week has been a low point in my health and I have come down with the typical symptoms of a cold. I’m usually quite strong when it comes to viruses being passed around, but looks like I’ve been caught out this time.

First day I woke up with a sore throat, next day the sneezing and soon followed by the constant nose-blowing.

After doing some research on the net it seems that all these symptoms seem to be the usual suspects for newbies when it comes to starting out on a training regime. It was bound to happen at some stage now that I am pushing my body harder than I have normally been doing, and not to mention the amount of cold mornings and late night running that I did without decent layering. It’s time for a trip to the shops and pick up some decent running gear to assist with the fight against the elements and hopefully not have this rookie mistake happen again.

The other thing I need to keep an eye on is my nutrition and water intake. If the body is constantly building and repairing muscle then quite obviously it needs regular refueling, and this sort of information is littered all over the running forums, magazines and internet but I guess we don’t really listen till it happens to us… Typical!

For those who prefer to learn from other's mistakes rather than experiencing them, then make sure you follow the advice on nutrition in this link below to Runners World. For the rest of us newbies nursing our way back to health, click the link below for some tips on what we should be focusing on.

I’m taking this as a lesson in life and enjoying the ride … albeit a bit bumpy at the moment. ;-)

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