Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Blogless Year

It's been a long, as in many physical days have gone by, yet quick, with the feeling that it was only last week we arrived back from the UK... yet I'm already receiving invites to Christmas parties!!! Sort of a Time-Warp feeling, with the high speed slow motion cameras (inside joke for anyone who watches Time Warp... Speaking of which did you see the episode where they had showed parkour in slo-mo? Make sure you check it out: Time Warp Website on Discovery)

This entry is going to be an open blog, and I will endeavor to include all the things that have happened this year in one post since the February entry, right up until new years. That way I can really have almost one whole year in the single post. Who knows, I might be able to find some pictures here and there to add in and spice it up a little.

From packing and shipping boxes from the UK, then living in empty houses for months, everything arriving and unpacking, finding work, meeting up with older friends and older (plus new) family, getting back involved with Parkour South Africa and seeing how it's grown and go through changes, parkour media growing, finding new work, gardening, new cars, breaking bones...

Just for starters... ;-)

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