Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Testing new technology!

Not sure if this will work. No reason not to, I just have no idea how it will be displayed on my blog.

The plan is to update my blog from email, and then eventually test out the updates from my mobile phone.


What is looks like to be underlined


I've attached an image. Let's see how that turns out.


Dane Grant said...

not too bad!

I might do this a bit more from now on. ;-)

stained said...

aarrggh, technology!!

yea works well :) just plain html emails or how you managing it?

Dane Grant said...

Straight from Gmail. nothing fancy at all. Send it to a unique email address I set up, and it posts.

Which effectively means multiple people can send in posts to the same email address and it will work. very cool, and possibly a use for it in our pksa site.