Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Skism - "This, is my BOOMstick!"

I think it only right to make mention of the London geezer who goes by the name of "SKISM" seeing as he was recently on tour in South Africa. And to seamlessly follow on from last week's Datsik & Excision post...

...this week we have Skism's remix of "Excision & Datsik - Boom" plus some smallprint below you might like. I've heard the original and find it lacking quite a bit. Especially with that loooooong pause in the middle. This remix from Skism brings a solid beat throughout, plus enough lifts and drops to make you really get into it without loosing too much of the song's original identity.

And now just for kicks.... click THIS LINK to grab the 58Mb "Never Say Die - vol 7" mixed by Skism, with 33 HUUGE tunes. (Dire Straights remix, skrillex, roksonix, foreign beggars, nero, bare noize ... to name just a few)

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