Thursday, May 19, 2011

I LOVE HOUSE MUSIC - June 3rd 2011

"Fellow House Music Lover
Don’t you wish we could all share one day and honor HOUSE music…? Just one day in the year when we all throw our arms in the air for HOUSE music!
Well that day is upon us… Friday the 3rd June 2011 is the day that we aim to get all HOUSE music lovers sharing their LOVE for HOUSE.
Strictly Rhythm, perhaps the Grand Daddy of HOUSE music are going to kick things off…
Strictly Rhythm are calling out to HOUSE music fans across the Globe to celebrate the scene we love so much.
This will be nothing more that just a call to action to pledge your love for HOUSE music and share the love across the Globe.
Strictly Rhythm will be asking their fans to change their profile picture on Friday 3rd June and then through their social networks, post information on their favourite HOUSE music tracks / artists / clubs / moments. All we ask is you spread the message and make the 3rd of June the day we all LOVE HOUSE music…
Lets get everyone sharing their love for HOUSE music across Twitter also and use the #ILHM tag, it would be great if we can make it a ‘trending topic’.
The Strictly Rhythm event page is found HERE, but feel free to create your own. To add the ‘I love HOUSE music’ icon to your Facebook and Twitter click HERE.
Strictly Rhythm will also be making available for a limited period some free content to say thanks to the fans and lovers of HOUSE Music, more details to follow."


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