Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pink Elephants and Monkeys!

Two tunes for you today. Both are completely BONKERS! Let's GO!!

First one is a video that MUST BE SEEN! Linking in with last week's bonus tune from Danny Byrd who's based in Bath, UK .... I'll start you off with the Bristol, UK based DJ and producer, DJ Parker. Absolute legend on Dub/Break tunes. Definitively my kinda style of music!!

Today's mix from him though, is a bit ridonculous and hilarious!

DJ Parker & Moneyshot - Where's My Monkey
Parker - Where's My Monkey (Direct mp3 link)

And now for something completely different, or not...
Swedish DJ, Daladubz, had waaaaay too much fun with this next one! Heavier, brostep, awesome drops! Turn that bass/volume up and ENJOY!!!

Pink Elephants – Daladubz

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