Monday, November 04, 2013

DC in 2013

I have figured that a blogger page is really only as active as you want it to be, or make time for. Over the last year and a bit there have been numerous changes which have all taken up plenty of that blog time, and most of the updates have been put on my portfolio site:

From stunt performing on the latest "Mad Max: Fury Road" in Namibia and "Hercules: The Thracian Wars" in Budapest, to getting married and now living in New Zealand and running "New Zealand Stunt School" with my wife ... it's all been a bit on the go.

From the Parkour side, I've stepped away from Reel Motion's Academy, and joined the "New Zealand Parkour Association" (which is now officially the first registered Parkour Charity in the world) in a support role as one of the Auckland Representatives. Parkour South Africa (officially 10 years old in 2013) is going through major positive changes, and thankfully I still have some role still to play that side as the new members start finding their feet in their new positions.

I'm still very much a Team Traceur member, and things are heating up with the new team members running the show in the UK. I've got a feeling that TT will soon have an active team in New Zealand... ;-)


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