Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bushy Park 5k - 19 Jan 08

The run today was a little harsher than last week, as the wind was quite strong and created a tough headwind on the last straight, but overall was it dry with only a few mud-traps along the route caused from last night's rain.

I never felt completely comfortable throughout the entire run, and on occasion was even wishing I had my own personal motivation team that would arrive at the press of the button to help me through the bad stretches. (Madness, I know)

Although saying that, it did manage to keep my mind off whatever was not working for me at that time and kept me on the track and moving closer to the finish line.

Determined to give it all I had, I pushed hard on the last 500m and managed to secure 120th position with a new PB of 23:20 (81sec off last weeks time).

This week's training is going to be a little more focussed on pace, and hopefully I can shave some more time off my personal best [PB].

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