Monday, November 04, 2013

DC in 2013

I have figured that a blogger page is really only as active as you want it to be, or make time for. Over the last year and a bit there have been numerous changes which have all taken up plenty of that blog time, and most of the updates have been put on my portfolio site:

From stunt performing on the latest "Mad Max: Fury Road" in Namibia and "Hercules: The Thracian Wars" in Budapest, to getting married and now living in New Zealand and running "New Zealand Stunt School" with my wife ... it's all been a bit on the go.

From the Parkour side, I've stepped away from Reel Motion's Academy, and joined the "New Zealand Parkour Association" (which is now officially the first registered Parkour Charity in the world) in a support role as one of the Auckland Representatives. Parkour South Africa (officially 10 years old in 2013) is going through major positive changes, and thankfully I still have some role still to play that side as the new members start finding their feet in their new positions.

I'm still very much a Team Traceur member, and things are heating up with the new team members running the show in the UK. I've got a feeling that TT will soon have an active team in New Zealand... ;-)


Friday, September 21, 2012

Delta Heavy - Get By

Haven't posted a tune in ages..... Now's a good a time as any i guess.

This beat by DELTA HEAVY crossed my path today and I absolutely love the video as it, in my opinion, epitomizes dub. Here they are with "Get By".

WARNING: MANY CHILDHOOD BOARD GAMES WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS VIDEO. (not for over-sensitive viewers, haters of dub, boring individuals, etc etc etc... ah just watch it!)

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Stunt High Falls - Training Day

A fun day training high falls with South African stunt legends. This is a short snippet of 3 different jumps I did. The last fall you see is a 6 story drop. My highest so far.

Now I know this edit was far too short, so here's another. This is a little more behind the scenes and some of the other fantastic jumps and fun times.

Language of Movement

Gerry and Paul from "Druk n Poep" snapped a few great images while I was out training in Muizenburg, Cape Town.

The local youngsters were quick to turn up, join in the fun and show their talents. Even tough I do speak Afrikaans fluently, I am yet to fully understand "Die Kaapse Afrikaans" (The Cape Afrikaans). Which is spoken with much slang and speed by the kids who turned up on the day. The minute they saw me training there was silence, followed by a few words of "Aweh, wys hom!" (Show him!) and smiles all around.
It never ceases to amaze me how movement and passion overcome boundaries of language and culture.

A great day indeed! Check out the "Druk n Poep" website for other amazing photographic images

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Enter The Dragon

I do love the view from my office window!

I was recently involved in an awesome project with my sponsors, New Balance, to help launch the New Balance Dragon Pack shoes for 2012. (Next year being the Chinese "Year of the Dragon" and all.)

I seriously LOVE my job! Running along Cape Town's rooftops, outsprinting the Scooter tracking Camera, climbing down multistory rooftops to street level in record time, high level gap-jumps.....

....all at night
.....while wearing a Ninja Suit!

Oh, and I met the "Douglas Green" dude from that old SA advert!

Check out Shoestring Productions blog for more awesome images and info:

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kings Block House - Cape Town

Some call it keeping fit, others might even say it's training. Me? I'm just a tourist doing my sight-seeing (and caching) rounds.

This building in the forefront is called the Kings Block House. It's situated at the foot of Devil's Peak, just above Rhodes Memorial, and is often the cause of the question: "Hey, I wonder what that building is?" as you drive past on the motorway.

Fun Fact: The Swedish cannons date back to 1782, and with basic restoration could work again today.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Meet the GoPro #HeroesWalk Team

Left to Right- Ray Chaplin, Dewald De Jager, Dane Grant

Final equipment checks and chats. Only 3 days to go now.

(Testing a pixelpipe web upload)

Monday, September 26, 2011


"What's this #HeroesWalk I keep hearing about?"
Friday 30th September 2011 marks the start of the GoPro Heroes Walk. This +/- 150km casual stroll along the coastline kicks off in Cape Town and 3 days later culminates at the Two Oceans Whale Festival in Hermanus.

Why not! Is my first response. However we do have something special in mind and we are supporting the I AM WATER Ocean Conservation Trust. Click the link and read up about the education and awareness projects they get involved with. All in the name of saving one of our greatest natural resources on this planet.

I will also be taking the opportunity to pressure test a few pairs of New Balance shoes. One of them being the new barefoot Minimus range which I've been Parkour testing over the last few days.

I will be in the company of the great Ray D. Chaplin. Ray has already walked from Cape Town to Beit Bridge before, and has lost count of the amount of times he's cycled from Cape Town to Johannesburg. He once did it on a single speed bicycle with backpedal brakes!!!). Click his link to read up on the next major adventure which involves circumnavigating the globe via both poles on human power only!!!

We will also be joined by adventure newbie Dewald De Jager from GoPro South Africa, who will be filming the whole adventure and earning his adventure noddy badge with us.

"How can I get involved?"
1) Follow and Tweet us using the #HeroesWalk tag
2) Join us on the walk
3) Sponsor us

For every R10 000 we raise, one of us will walk in a sea inspired costume!
Standard Bank, Hillcrest
Account: 62552279
Branch Code: 005726
Reference: HeroesWalk