Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A busy season ahead...

I've decided not to run Bushy Park Time Trial for 2 weeks and instead spend some time focussing on my other training as well as volunteering on Saturdays.

The first time I volunteered at Bushy Park I played photographer and took pictures of everyone running while last Saturday I registered names of those runners who finished onto the system. Next Saturday they have me up to be the "number checker". (I know, it sounds a bit strange but has to do with keeping synchronisation between the time keeper and the person handing out numbers so we'll see how that goes.)

Wednesday and Sundays at St Mary's Richmond Athletic Club will be my new home for athletics training where I am hoping to improve on my Javelin distance as well as pick up the pace on my shorter distance running. More on that as the season progresses.

I'm still running every Monday and Thursday at Sweatshop Teddington to keep the miles ticking over as well as trying to squeeze in Parkour training wherever possible.

Reading this post through it looks like I am tackling far to much at once, but things are not yet hectic and unmanageable. Once the athletic season kicks in it is bound to be a totally different story though.... :-)

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