Friday, February 08, 2008

Sprints and Strength Training

Thursday's training was a little different and involved a number of short/long sprints uphill to push endurance and build strength.

We started off from Teddington Sweatshop and ran a few km's to a school where we warmed up and started the sprints. It involved running fast (not exactly 100meter dash pace, but not slow jogging either) up a hill to a set marker and then slow pace back to recover, before reaching the bottom marker and starting the fast run uphill again.

Then after a number of these, we moved on to increase the distances of these uphill sprints a little bit more. At this point I noticed my calves starting to feel like they had done some serious work....

After 10 minutes of these we wrapped up and had a casual run back to the shop.

I've enjoyed these and it is certainly the type of training I would like to try experimenting with a little more.

No Bushy Park run on Saturday although I will be there to take pictures and volunteer if needed.

10k Race on Sunday and then depending on how I'm feeling Monday evening, I'll join up for the "easy" training run of over an hour that the Reading Marathon guys have planned....

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