Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Need I say more....?

I heard some friends were taking part in this thing called "movember", then I got the obligatory dare thrown in my face, and before I knew it the idea had started to grow on me (quite literally).

Each year during the month of MOvember (formerly known as November), Mo Bro's (formerly known as Men) across the globe grow taches (formerly know as a moustache) of all shapes and sizes to raise awareness for their chosen charity. (If you are feeling generous this 2008, then please donate here:

Once the tache had started taking shape I then promised myself I'd read up a little more on prostate cancer as I knew very little about it. Let's face it, in a few years I'll probably have to make that akward trip to the Docs to get checked. YOU know the visit I'm on about.... the rubber gloves, the uncomfortable silences. I mean, really. Is it too much to ask the doctors to throw in a candelit dinner and some chit-chat before they begin?

Well, as it turns out Prostate Cancer is THE most common cancer found in men now-a-days (previously it was lung cancer) and 1 man dies each hour because of it in the UK (With over 3 times as many in the USA). Interestingly Diabetics are at a lower risk due to reduced insulin levels. Thanks to continuous research and development, screening has become a lot easier, less invasive and more accurate which ultimately leads to higher chances of recovery.

There are tons of conflicting suggestions around regarding cancer prevention, with each person and their dog doing their own research. Your best bet is to follow the basic weight guidlines on Cancer Research UK's "Reduce The Risk" website.

Everyone is recommended to eat foods such as Brazil nuts, fish, meat and eggs for their Selenium content, and another reason to eat more fish is Omega-3 (Found in salmon, mackerel and tuna).

But whichever way you look at it...
...Grow your own Tache next MOvember!!

(Ok, so it won't prevent cancer but at least you'll be doing something positive by raising awareness. PLUS the added bonus of looking as ridiculous as the rest of us...)

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