Thursday, October 07, 2010

Come rain or shine!

Last night's training marks 3 weeks since the group first started Hell Night at the Westcliff Stairs (aka Westcliff-hell-stairs-of-doom) for Urbanathlon 2010.

Our training continues up to 6 times a week in various locations and consists of various strength, cardio, speed and agility exercises working the entire body. The team is working well together, and each person gets a chance to add new exercises as we progress.

With the rains arriving last night (and the outside temperature still holding firm at a warm 20 degrees Celsius) we motored onwards, albeit cautiously, up the stairs. Until they got too slippery for our usual course, and we had to make a few changes. (for instance, we included literal footskating down the slippery roads. New Balance (850's) + Tar Road + Rain Water = Grip Fail. I somehow don't see this exercise sticking, excuse the pun, to our regular plan. Honestly though, it was loads of fun!!!!)

This total grip failure in the wet has put a serious question mark over the use of my 850 NB's for the race.

The early morning training after hell night is always a laugh. With the body still aching in the legs, we move onto upper body and abdominal work on the Jungle Gym at Zoo Lake. These circuits today were a killer. My arms felt like lead afterwards. Awesome! :-)

Onwards and upwards! I'm looking forward to seeing how the rainy season affects our sessions as we move into summer. (as I can get the chance to test my other shoes in the wet..)

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