Sunday, May 08, 2011

BELATED May 4th - Robotic Pirate Monkey

(Belated Post - Due to Blogger not allowing new posts for a few days!!!! Grrrrrr)

May the FOURTH be with you on this weDUBNESSday! A day in each week to celebrate all things dub, and the past influences and the spin-offs still yet to come. Some tunes will be complete mix-n-mash ups, and some a lot more straight forward. I’ll post up what I like, and take it from there. Just cuz it’s popular, doesn’t mean I like it, and just cuz I like it, doesn’t mean it will be popular… ;-)

Today, I’m in a cheeeeeeeeelled mood. So, time for some cheeeeelled choooons…

For those of you who are not fans of DUB, I strongly suggest you check this song out. You neeeeeever know.... ;-)

Robotic Pirate Monkeys (RPM) -
This Colorado trio have been around for a relatively very short time, but have managed to make some big waves in the scene.

The tune I picked for today is their latest track, SING WITH ME. Sampling the Aerosmith tune “Dream On” from 1976!! (This will be a killer Parkour training video backtrack, imho!)

May 4th 2011 is a good time to be highlighting these guys as they launch their new EP tonight in Colorado. G’luck Gents. Let it be a ripper!!!!

Check ‘em out on Facebook, Like, Comment, Support! (and if you search their website, you’ll even find an album or two to download. Some GREAT tunes to find!!!

And JUUUUUUST because Blogger made this post late, I thought it only fair to throw in a bonus track. This is Drum 'n Bass producer and musician from the South West of England, Danny Byrd.

"From Bath With Love" has a chilled start and ending, with typical DnB sandwiched in-between. Enjoy!

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