Saturday, September 06, 2008

Back at Bushy

It's been a short break from the regular Bushy Park 5km time trials, but I'm back and having fun.

I started out running the time trials back in January of this year, but stopped due to getting involved with Athletics training, and then volunteered at the event a few times. With the athletics season winding down and winter on the doorstep (yeah, like we even had a summer...), I've got back to Saturday morning bliss at Bushy.

Having only run 7 times, I have managed 6 Personal Bests (The one I never got was while I paced my son on his first run)

So starting with a time of 24:41, I've dragged that down to 20:53. Not brilliant, but I'm getting there one step at a time.

My mission statement: I must start SLOWER next time! I start way too fast and then burn out by the 1.3km mark, only to let 80 people pass me between the 2km and 3km mark. Grrr.

Next weekend is the Decathlon.... Let's hope this running helps me a bit with the final 1500m event.

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