Tuesday, September 30, 2008

White Air Extreme Sports Festival 2008

Another year on the Isle of Wight running the Parkour "Have-a-go" workshops at the White Air Extreme Sports Festival has come to an end, but the beginning of a new era has just begun...

White Air 2008 Promo Video

For 4 years now I've been involved in the parkour workshops around Sept/Oct on the Isle and have enjoyed it very much. Young and old, guys and girls, parents, kids, RAF Falcon skydivers, St John's medical staff, mountain boarders, and the list goes on... all have tried their hands (and feet) at parkour on our pupose built obstacle courses. Each year we attract many "repeat offenders" who just can't get enough of the atmosphere and end up sticking around for the whole weekend to help out, plus not to mention the large amount of local traceurs and free runners on the isle of wight who turn up.

Each year I've grouped together new people who are keen to help set up and run the workshops and with a result we've ended up with some fun times, new friendships and random memories. (Click the image below to see some of the pictures this year)

From Isle of Wight 2008

This year was a big event in that it was officially anounced White Air is moving to Brighton from 2009 onwards. For many who came down to join us it will mark the end of an era as the Isle of Wight has always been a great excuse to make a holiday of the event and really get into the festival mood. But I guess we will soon find out what atmosphere Brighton will create once we get there. Who knows, it might even be better. It's definitively going to be bigger!!


Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of what you have achieved here - from being a small, unknown sport, you have made it into a major attraction. Well done! :-)

PS - photo no 102 is the guy that I was thinking of ... remember?

Dean C said...

Hey its Dean, i was in your workshop, im the guy in the grey shirt jumping off the right of the block in the picture, i just want to say thanks for everything, you have gave me a lot of decent tips and im better at parkour thanks to them, me and elliott, the guy behind me in a football shirt are making a video, ill send it to you when its done.

ryan said...

hey im ryan (the frizzy haired one in the top picture)tfor the training im much better now.
the team rocks

p.s me and alex(the one on the left of the photo)and someone else are also making a video we'll send it to you

Dane Grant said...

Fantastic to hear from you guys. All the best with your training and glad we could be of some help at least. ;-)

As soon as you get that video finished make sure you send it over my way.