Thursday, September 23, 2010

The 10 - 1 & 1 - 10 Exercise

This is a great way to mix it up when training with a buddy.

One of you starts with 10 reps of a certain exercise, and the other with a single rep of a different exercise. (You can adjust the maximum number if you are just starting out or if you want to increase the load)

Your rest between the reps should only be as long as it takes for your buddy to finish theirs.

Then the one doing 10 now does 9, while the one doing the single rep now does 2. And so on, till you both have either gone from 10 down to 1 or from 1 up to 10 on that first exercise.

This will give you each a tally of 55 reps completed on each exercise!

You now swap over exercises and the one who just completed 10-1, will begin at 1 going up to 10, and vice versa for your buddy.

Today's morning session had the team meet up at the Zoo Lake Jungle Gym, and our exercises of choice were predominately upper body. (Due to the overload of last night's Westcliff Stairs)

However, I must add that the quadrupedal walk down that immense flight of stairs did take it's toll on my shoulders a bit.

On the menu we had:
1) Regular pull-ups
2) Horizontal/Inverted pull-ups (Lower Back, Abs, plus Upper body muscles)
3) Incline press-ups
4) Decline press-ups

We're starting to think about a team name, and should have something within the next few weeks.

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