Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wits University 5km Parkour Circuit

For today's Urbanathlon "cardio" circuit workout, we headed off to Wits University and created a 5km parkour run.

To even BEGIN jotting down all the exercises and events we have included will take up way too much time and space .... and you'll be bored to death just trying to read it, not to mention the lack of understanding behind what exactly the exercises are.

Suffice to say, it included locations such as the Death Beam, Bridge Pods, Man Vag Jump(Thank Rob!), Transporter-looking-machine-thingy-ma-bob, Dusty Loo, Pillar Precision, and a ton more. (Non of which are the conventional names for any of the regular spots, plus many many more new locations which we are quite excited about! Especially the progression wall run!!!)

The circuit is just under 6km, and it took us a very easy 1:45min to complete, including warm up and cool down.

A great first time, and I cannot wait to really push it through it's paces next time around.

ps, we had a few followers trying to keep up from the start, but they had to dash of pretty early and we were left with only Germano following us doing what he could, but mostly just walking around the obstacles. At least he got to complete the 5km run. Nice one!

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